Law Firms

Our environmental lawyers frequently team with corporate, real estate, and trial attorneys at other law firms. Attorneys know that environmental laws and regulations have a pervasive impact on business operations and real estate transactions. Environmental problems usually prove to be factually complex and involve highly elusive and arcane concepts. Developing effective and creative solutions to environmental challenges, therefore, typically requires years of practical experience in the field.

Environmental law is also a constantly-changing area that can be a perilous thicket for those who do not deal with it on a routine basis. We have frequently worked with other law firms and their clients in addressing environmental problems and challenges. We have accepted, and continue to accept, referrals from, among others, corporate, real estate, and trial attorneys.

We also can work with other law firms on a co-counsel basis. Regardless of the specific type of engagement, we can provide other law firms with an “environmental department” as their needs arise. Because we concentrate on environmental law, we do not aim to duplicate the other services referring firms already offer their clients. This approach fosters a cooperative relationship between our firm and referring attorneys that ultimately benefits the client.

We invite you to contact one of our attorneys to discuss how we might assist you in addressing any environmental challenges or opportunities that impact your company’s interests.