About Us

As in nature, the ideal environment for business enterprises entails the balance of their operations and transactions with the laws and rules that govern them. Nowhere is this principle more relevant than in the field of environmental protection.

Guida, Slavich & Flores, P.C. was established in 1991 with the mission of providing businesses and individuals with high quality legal services centered on environmental law. From the start, we have been dedicated to assisting clients balance their business and environmental goals. When necessary, that dedication includes protecting client rights in state and federal courts.

Our environmental lawyers provide services to clients in the planning, strategy-setting, and execution of their business objectives within the complex maze of environmental laws, including regulatory compliance counseling, deal structuring, transactional negotiations, and litigation.

The firm has extensive experience with environmental law that ranges from current issues such as sustainability, climate change, brownfield redevelopment, indoor air quality, and soil and groundwater contamination lawsuits to more traditional fields such as air and water (including storm water) pollution control, waste management, and permitting.

In all cases, it remains our goal to protect our clients’ rights and help our clients attain a healthy balance between the laws of nature, the laws of the marketplace, and the laws of government.