Solid & Hazardous Waste

Our firm has represented clients in the solid and hazardous waste management area before all levels of government. We have represented scores of companies in such matters before EPA Region 6 (Dallas) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”). Over the years, our attorneys have handled solid and hazardous waste management matters in over 20 states outside of Texas.

We regularly counsel clients regarding compliance with standards governing waste generators and transporters, and waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. We have negotiated dozens of administrative compliance orders across the country. Furthermore, we have had extensive experience with compliance and enforcement issues associated with local, state, and federal underground storage tank requirements.

Our experience with enforcement matters in the solid and hazardous waste management area has encompassed, among other things, preparation of “Part B” hazardous waste facility applications, compliance with operational standards for generators, interim status facilities, and recycling operations, compliance with financial responsibility requirements and record keeping requirements, closure of regulated facilities, and compliance with land disposal restrictions (LDRs). We also have compliance experience relative to medical waste management and licensing of radiological equipment.

The firm has extensive experience in EPA’s corrective action program under Section 3008(h) of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. In fact, Mr. Guida was the lead defendant’s counsel in the first judicial action in the nation under that statutory provision. Additionally, Mr. Guida coordinated a national regulatory commenting effort for a group of companies in connection with important proposed EPA regulations governing corrective action for hazardous and solid waste management facilities. He also has negotiated corrective action consent orders with EPA in Region 6 and elsewhere.

Our extensive experience and success in handling solid and hazardous waste regulatory matters have provided us with a solid knowledge and relationship base to effectively and efficiently handle litigation involving the release of such wastes into the environment. Our firm has successfully prosecuted and defended lawsuits resulting from contamination of the soil and groundwater by a variety of materials of environmental concern, including chlorinated solvents, petroleum-based contaminants, metals, and saltwater.

We invite you to contact one of our attorneys to discuss how we might assist you in addressing any environmental challenges or opportunities that impact your company’s interests.