Mold & Indoor Air Quality

So-called "black" or "toxic" mold and other indoor air quality issues are an increasingly important concern for landlords, tenants and property managers. Our attorneys have experience in handling mold issues, including mold litigation, environmental due diligence, developing operations and maintenance plans to address mold issues, and hiring and working with mold testing and remediation experts.

We also have experience with the regulation and litigation related to asbestos-containing building materials. Notwithstanding the reduction in the use of asbestos in building materials, asbestos is still commonly found in commercial structures and private residences.

Our attorneys can assist you in defending against asbestos-related claims, hiring and working with asbestos consultants and abatement contractors, performing asbestos surveys, providing pre-demolition and pre-renovation notifications to state and local authorities, providing notification to employees, tenants, and guests, and conducting asbestos abatement projects.

We invite you to contact one of our attorneys to discuss how we might assist you in addressing any environmental challenges or opportunities that impact your company’s interests.